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About Us

Conservatrix is a business dedicated to making professional conservation and collection management services accessible.

Deb Spoehr has over 30 years’ experience working extensively in the cultural and heritage fields, enabling Conservatrix to problem solve a wide range of situational and strategic issues for collecting organisations and individual clients. This is only possible due to the wealth of practical experience brought to the problem at hand, combined with a knowledge and understanding of the client's situation.

Conservatrix provides museum quality conservation and collection management services and has been engaged by organisations such as Old Parliament House, Historic House Trust NSW, SA Unions and Museum Victoria. Equally Conservatrix has worked extensively at the personal level, restoring individual artefacts and providing museum quality display fabrication and framing services.

Conservatrix considers each project unique and each treatment provided by Conservatrix is a tailored investment to meet those individual needs.

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