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Other Services - Collection Management/Strategy Plans

Conservatrix has prepared over 50 individual plans for museums, galleries, local government and historic properties. With years of experience to draw on, Conservatrix is able to evaluate prevailing issues and provide useful solutions to improve the management and care of cultural material.

Conservatrix analyses all aspects of the physical environment and the building in which the collection is housed. We will identify risks and work with you to mitigate threats both immediate and long term. Conservatrix understands the physical parameters required for differing object types and can assess and advise on effective storage and handling solutions that can improve the safe access and management of collections.

Conservatrix works closely with clients to fully comprehend any display factors that may be considered a risk to individual objects within a collection. We incorporate concepts such as significance and material type, presenting advice which can be clearly understood and implemented by management.

Our works include (listed alphabetically):

  • Aids Action Council of the ACT
  • Ararat Art Gallery, Victoria
  • Australian Children’s Literature Museum, Victoria
  • Bega Valley Historical Society, NSW
  • Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria


Aids Art Council

Some of the diverse collection from the Aids Action Council ACT

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