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Other Services - Exhibitions

Conservatrix has had the privilege to work on many exhibitions over the years, working for national and state bodies as well as small museums and local government. Conservatrix has been trusted with the care and condition documentation of objects for travelling and ‘By-in’ exhibitions, working as part of an overall team to present a vision.

Conservatrix works to museum best practice and we have developed a range of exhibitions for non-profit organisations, enabling stimulating access to collections without risk to original artefacts. These have involved historical display design and preparation, conservation, object mounting and curatorial text panel work.

We have designed, developed and installed new exhibitions locally such as Bega Pioneers Museum, `A Woman's Cycle’ and `Rally Round the Flag’.

Conservatrix has delivered on the national and international stage, with exhibitions such as `Threading the Commonwealth’ Melbourne and `Power Cloths' Delhi.


Costume for the ‘Power Cloths’ exhibition being prepared at the Crafts Museum, Delhi, India 2010
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