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Conservation - Historic Properties

Historic properties and sites present complex issues due to integrity of historic layering, building structure and materials, environmental and site influence, geographical impact and building usage.

Conservatrix believes an identification process is critical, particularly determining the cause of any building failure or problem. Addressing the source of the problem and not just the consequential symptoms is fundamental.

Conservatrix provide Needs Analysis Reports and Strategic Management Plans to address these issues with practical solutions. On-going maintenance of historic properties makes good sense and is a wise investment.

Housekeeping Manuals and Risk Management Plans are prepared to address the needs of external and internal building fabric requirements as well as historic artefacts including inspection and cleaning regimes, techniques and supplies. Interventive treatment is often required to reduce further damage or loss, our experience includes wallpaper, fireplaces, painted timber, wall and floor surfaces, carpets and curtains, furnishings and finishes.

Our on-site treatments include Great Dome murals, Royal Exhibition Building and paint scrapes at Como and Stonington mansions.

historic stone building

Stone wall restoration during treatment
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