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Conservation - Papers and Photographs

Conservatrix understands that paper and photographs are vulnerable to damage due to their inherent, unstable qualities. We also know through experience, that they are often the types of material culture that are most often accessed and handled. As a consequence, these items (watercolours, documents, certificates, prints, photographs, books) often require specialist cleaning, repair and stabilisation, mounting and framing. Conservatrix uses a range of European and Asian techniques and materials when treating paper and photographs.

Storage of paper and photographs is often an important issue to resolve, ensuring minimisation of further deterioration or damage. This may involve problem solving framing needs for one work of art on paper to protecting and storing 10,000 negatives using archival quality materials.

We can also assist with advice on appropriate reproduction of these items.

Our works include:

  • Land and legal documents
  • Posters
  • Personal memorabilia
  • Letters
  • Works of art
  • Architectural drawings
  • Photographs
  • Prints
  • Ledgers and books
Before and After photo conservation

Photo-lithograph restoration

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