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Other Services - Project and Contract Management

Conservatrix has provided specialist co-ordination and supervisory skills to deliver a range of projects and contracts. The design, development, delivery and acquittal of successful projects requires skilled and experienced management.

Conservatrix works closely with organisations to ensure their project is completed on time and within budget. Conservatrix is able to anticipate and communicate risks and milestones for projects. Equally, Conservatrix is able to assess the resourcing needs for a project and when required. These skills have been proven in the work with the ‘Power Cloths’ exhibition in Delhi, India and the ‘Textiles Rescued’ project in Bega, NSW.

Conservatrix has been involved in tendering processes, major capital works programs and annual contract agreements. We have project managed complex treatment and maintenance programs for the City of Melbourne and relocated museum collections such as Latrobe's Cottage, Melbourne.

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The student's exhibition being the end result of successful project management at the Bega Pioneers Museum

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